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Things that Identify US Travelers in Western Europe

Posted on 31 July 2019 by admin (0)

If you are a US or Canada traveler, there are things that can identify you when you travel to Western Europe. If you don’t want to be identified as a tourist, here are the things to avoid. 

Tennis Shoes 

Most American tourists are easy to spot due to their tennis shoes. This is considered a huge transgression especially when combined with unique baggy jeans. Big tennis shoes are a dead giveaway that make travelers from US and Canada stand out in Western Europe. To blend in with ease, wear fitting, low-profile sneakers with neutral colors.

Flip Flops 

In most cases, Europeans reserve these for showers. In addition to being ugly, flip flops expose the wearer to germs and they do not provide arch support. They also throw the wearer off balance. Putting on flip flops will identify you as a tourist. They are also not ideal because you will be traveling in crowds where feet can easily get stomped on. Instead of flip flops, wear discreet, dark and supportive leather shoes. Keep them well maintained and polished. 

Wear Conservative Dress when Unsure 

You will blend in with ease when you maintain an understated look in Europe. Even when casual, put on something elegant. Go for well-fitting, neutral jeans and a tailored, classic look. You can dress casually in some cases. However, don’t dress carelessly. 

Busy Patterns 

Checks, stripes and plaid tell everyone that you are a tourist. Therefore, avoid wearing clothes with busy patterns. What’s more, go for fitting clothing regardless of your size. These have a more attractive look no matter where you travel to. Avoid baggy clothing like the voluminous 90’s style jeans. 

Most importantly, avoid wearing clothes with the national flag if you don’t want to look like an American tourist. Also do things the way European do. Avoid anything that broadcasts to everyone that you are a tourist.