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School Group Travel – Health Tips and Advice

Posted on 30 March 2018 by admin (0)

When you travel in a school group, there are many things that you should do to ensure safety and health of everyone. Whether it’s an educational trip or a summer trip, follow these tips to ensure health and safety of everyone in the group.

Pack Smart

Before you travel, familiarize with the weather at your destination. Make sure that every student has the packing list that outlines the mandatory items to carry. Also let students know what they should not carry during the trip depending on the travel destination. For instance, if you are traveling to a hot climate destination, tell students to pack sunscreens. These will protect them from sunburns.

Update Everyone on the Trip

If there are changes in the trip, let every students in the group know it. For instance, if you will be traveling to a country where travelers are required to bring inoculations proof, let students know it. Also have the necessary documentation to ensure that sick students won’t be denied admission to hospitals for missing or incomplete information.

Come up with a Travel Buddy Program

Come up with a program that makes students accountable for each other. For instance, use a program that makes students eat together, work together, and engage in most activities together. For instance, when taking a roll call for the group, buddies should look for each other. This will make noticing a missing student easier.

Pack a First Aid Kit

When traveling in a group, knowing where items like the bandage are is very important. Such items should be carried in a first aid kit. Currently, kits of different sizes are available including sizes that are ideal for travelers. Make sure that students carry travel size kits during their group travel.

Know Where to Get Medical Assistance  

If a staff member or student falls ill during the trip, you should not struggle to get medical assistance. Therefore, conduct a quick online search to know the locations of medical facilities in your travel destination.

Insure the Group

Get travel insurance for the group before you travel. This ensures that in case a student needs medical attention, you won’t pay out of pocket or incur unexpected expenses during the trip.

Basically, you must prepare in advice to ensure health and safety of everyone when traveling in a school group. Make sure and check out one of my preferred sites for group travels by visiting