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Major Reasons to Visit Japan

Posted on 30 April 2018 by admin (0)

Major Reasons to Visit Japan

If you are fascinated by the idea of being lost in the translation, you will have a better experience when you travel to Japan. Although courtesy and respect are at the core of the Japanese society, there is an unparalleled celebration that marches to the beat of the drum of any traveler. This drum can be Harajuku-styled, culturally timeless, or robot-themed. And it’s this celebration that makes Japan an intriguing travel destination. What’s more, citizens of most countries can travel to Japan and stay there for up to 90 days without visas, which explains why my friend from Glass Dawg of San Antonio likes to take extended vacations in countries where he loves the culture. Nevertheless, there are more reasons why you should travel to Japan.

Adorable Food

Everything in Japan is cute but food is simply stunning. Although you might be tempted to delve into almost everything in Japan, try out their food. Some foods that you are used to in your home will taste completely different in Japan. To confirm this, try out the Japan rice. You can eat rice panda with eyes before you get it on your hands. Try Japanese food and food will never taste the same for you.

Explore the Manicured

The garden-filled history of Japan is intrinsically linked to Buddhist, Shinto, and Taoist faiths. This is the key reason why people describe their experience as tranquil and serene after visiting a Japanese garden. You can start your exploration at the Adachi Museum of Art which has the “Living Japanese Painting”. From there, you can visit the Kawachi Fuji Gardens. These have wisteria-covered archways that will convince you that you have entered the fairy wonderland.

Unique Scenery

Japan has stunning natural and industrial scenery. You will find amazing attractions around Tokyo with amazing visual delights. However, the Shunan Industrial Complex provides the best views. You can take boat tours and capture amazing spots of the complex. The mechanical architecture at this industrial complex is simply amazing.

Generally, Japan is a perfect place where the new and the old blend seamlessly. The very bizarre and the traditional as well as the industrial and the natural blend here. Take a trip to Japan to enjoy traveling in a different way.