Major Reasons to Visit Japan

Posted on 30 April 2018 (0)

Major Reasons to Visit Japan

If you are fascinated by the idea of being lost in the translation, you will have a better experience when you travel to Japan. Although courtesy and respect are at the core of the Japanese society, there is an unparalleled celebration that marches to the beat of the drum of any traveler. This drum can be Harajuku-styled, culturally timeless, or robot-themed. And it’s this celebration that makes Japan an intriguing travel destination. What’s more, citizens of most countries can travel to Japan and stay there for up to 90 days without visas, which explains why my friend from Glass Dawg of San Antonio likes to take extended vacations in countries where he loves the culture. Nevertheless, there are more reasons why you should travel to Japan.

Adorable Food

Everything in Japan is cute but food is simply stunning. Although you might be tempted to delve into almost everything in Japan, try out their food. Some foods that you are used to in your home will taste completely different in Japan. To confirm this, try out the Japan rice. You can eat rice panda with eyes before you get it on your hands. Try Japanese food and food will never taste the same for you.

Explore the Manicured

The garden-filled history of Japan is intrinsically linked to Buddhist, Shinto, and Taoist faiths. This is the key reason why people describe their experience as tranquil and serene after visiting a Japanese garden. You can start your exploration at the Adachi Museum of Art which has the “Living Japanese Painting”. From there, you can visit the Kawachi Fuji Gardens. These have wisteria-covered archways that will convince you that you have entered the fairy wonderland.

Unique Scenery

Japan has stunning natural and industrial scenery. You will find amazing attractions around Tokyo with amazing visual delights. However, the Shunan Industrial Complex provides the best views. You can take boat tours and capture amazing spots of the complex. The mechanical architecture at this industrial complex is simply amazing.

Generally, Japan is a perfect place where the new and the old blend seamlessly. The very bizarre and the traditional as well as the industrial and the natural blend here. Take a trip to Japan to enjoy traveling in a different way.

Tips for Traveling to another Country for the First Time

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Traveling to another country for the first time can feel intimidating, especially when going alone. When you travel, you will encounter people from different backgrounds and cultures. You may also encounter challenges away from home. Nevertheless, your trip can be the most enjoyable and memorable. Just follow these tips for traveling to another country for the first time to enjoy a fulfilling experience. 

Prepare the Necessary Travel Documents

Depending on the country that you want to travel to, prepare your passport and visa. Applying for your passport might take several weeks. Therefore, don’t wait until the last minute to apply for a passport. So, start by preparing the necessary travel documents before you book flights and accommodation. 

Research Extensively 

Research your destination country, travel needs, and accommodation. Find out more about the traditions and norms of the native people in your destination country. Also, find out more about the attractions that you want to visit in the country. If possible, talk to the people that have traveled to that country. This will enable you to determine what to expect in that country. 

Buy Travel Insurance 

What would happen if you get sick or hurt in a foreign country? When you buy travel insurance, you get peace of mind when traveling knowing that medical expenses and possible evacuation would be covered if you get sick or hurt in a foreign country. Therefore, buy good travel insurance before you leave your country. 

Carry Only the Necessary Items 

Don’t carry all your credit cards. Instead, carry what you will use in a foreign country. Additionally, talk to your back about your trip to avoid trouble if you use your cards in a foreign country. Don’t carry a lot of cash because that can make you an easy target for thieves. What’s more, avoid over-packing and carry useful technology only.

Follow these tips to ensure a safe, enjoyable, comfortable, and memorable first-time trip to a foreign country. 

Things to Include in Business Travel Checklist

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Organizing a business trip is not easy. That’s because business travel requires careful planning. You must include certain things in your business travel checklist to make your trip successful. Here are the basic things to include in a business travel checklist. 


Traveling to a new destination is a disorienting experience. That’s because it’s an unfamiliar location where you might not speak the native language. What’s more, you might be moving from one place to another. As such, producing an itinerary is important. Your business travel itinerary should include: 

  • Likely weather 
  • Hotels arrival and departure times 
  • Travel connections 
  • Business meeting plans 
  • Day-time travels 

Expert’s Help 

In addition to online assistant services, you need help from professional travel agents. These can provide useful information about your travel destination. Their knowledge can make your business trip more successful. 

Travel Folder 

Create a travel folder that includes information that you may want to know when traveling. It should also include travel guidelines and your itinerary. What’s more, it should include local information. This can include information about places that you can visit while on a business trip, restaurants, and dialing codes. What’s more, include advice and tips that you come across when researching about business travel. 

Backup Copies 

Mishaps can happen to any business traveler. For instance, your passport can be stolen. You can lose your luggage. Having contingency plans will enable you to remain in control if the worst happens. 

Keeping backup copies can help you get replacements with ease. You can also cancel the lost items like credit cards. 

In addition to having these things in your checklist, make sure that you know your location properly. This means taking the time to research your location. Find out more about places where you can stay and things you can do. And, be ready for the worst even when you plan your trip extensively. 

How Traveling with Your Significant Other can Take Your Love to a Higher Level

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You’ve probably heard that travel can be the ultimate test for your relationship. For most people, nothing puts a strain on a relationship than spending moments together. When you travel, you endure terrifying bugs, long flights, and unpleasant hostels together. However, traveling with your significant other can take your love to a higher level. Here are some of the ways traveling can make your love relationship soar to an entirely new height. 

Making New Memories and Sharing Experiences 

When you travel with your significant other, you experience exciting, new things together. You get a chance to get out of the comfort zone and learn about different people and their cultures. You also try different foods, share romantic moments, and admire breathtaking views. You get a chance to see the entire world from a different perspective together. And, this makes you grow as a couple. 

You Learn How Your Significant Other Can React to Certain Situations 

You will face ups and downs when traveling as a couple. Essentially, traveling is not always rainbows, sunsets, and butterflies. You will face setbacks like flight delays, lost luggage, bad weather, and illnesses. When this happens, you get a chance to see the reaction of your significant others. You learn about them and their ability to deal with unpleasant or difficult situations. 

You Learn How to Work as Partners 

You and your partner should operate as a team when traveling. That’s because you have many joint decisions to make. For instance, you may be required to work together to interpret a map or find a way out of a situation. This teaches you to work together as a team not just when traveling, but also when you get back home. 

Traveling with your significant other is a chance to strengthen your bond. You spend some time talking, laughing, and exploring. You create memories and have fun together. These are some of the things that will take your love to a higher level. 

Tips for Traveling for Work

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Modern technology may have made communication easier for business people. However, this doesn’t mean that real business trips are no longer important. If you have a business trip to make, you need to consider many factors before you leave your home or workplace. Here are tips that make traveling for work more satisfying. 

Avoid Heavy Luggage

Get a good carry-on bag that will hold enough clean shirts, blouses, and trousers needed for a few days. Carrying heavy luggage will lead to unnecessary waits due to delays at the airport security checkpoints. You avoid the pain of losing your items if the baggage gets lost.

Photocopy and Backup Documents

Having important documents in one place is convenient. However, you risk losing them all at once. It is, therefore, important to duplicate them and back up in a computer or a cloud resource.

Do Background Search on Hotels

If you’re traveling to a city for the first time, perform research on the nature of traffic and workability. You can book your accommodation next to the workplace to avoid traffic-related delays.

Last Minute Booking can be a Blessing

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid the last minute booking. However, this can land you a better deal. Hotels often discount their unsold room space at the last minute to minimize losses. That way, you can get a swankier room for less than you would normally.

Arrive in Good Time

Don’t risk planning to arrive with just enough time to get to your destination because you have no control over flight delays. Instead, arrive early enough. For instance, fly overnight if you have a meeting the following day.

Always follow the Company’s Travel Policies

Check with your employer to find out more about the preferred by your company. Also, know what fees and expenses are refundable. This ensures that you don’t pay for expenses that are not budgeted for by your employer.

Traveling for work can be comfortable and more satisfying if you know how to go about it. Follow these tips to get the most from your next business trip. 

Things that Identify US Travelers in Western Europe

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If you are a US or Canada traveler, there are things that can identify you when you travel to Western Europe. If you don’t want to be identified as a tourist, here are the things to avoid. 

Tennis Shoes 

Most American tourists are easy to spot due to their tennis shoes. This is considered a huge transgression especially when combined with unique baggy jeans. Big tennis shoes are a dead giveaway that make travelers from US and Canada stand out in Western Europe. To blend in with ease, wear fitting, low-profile sneakers with neutral colors.

Flip Flops 

In most cases, Europeans reserve these for showers. In addition to being ugly, flip flops expose the wearer to germs and they do not provide arch support. They also throw the wearer off balance. Putting on flip flops will identify you as a tourist. They are also not ideal because you will be traveling in crowds where feet can easily get stomped on. Instead of flip flops, wear discreet, dark and supportive leather shoes. Keep them well maintained and polished. 

Wear Conservative Dress when Unsure 

You will blend in with ease when you maintain an understated look in Europe. Even when casual, put on something elegant. Go for well-fitting, neutral jeans and a tailored, classic look. You can dress casually in some cases. However, don’t dress carelessly. 

Busy Patterns 

Checks, stripes and plaid tell everyone that you are a tourist. Therefore, avoid wearing clothes with busy patterns. What’s more, go for fitting clothing regardless of your size. These have a more attractive look no matter where you travel to. Avoid baggy clothing like the voluminous 90’s style jeans. 

Most importantly, avoid wearing clothes with the national flag if you don’t want to look like an American tourist. Also do things the way European do. Avoid anything that broadcasts to everyone that you are a tourist.