Major Reasons to Visit Japan

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Major Reasons to Visit Japan

If you are fascinated by the idea of being lost in the translation, you will have a better experience when you travel to Japan. Although courtesy and respect are at the core of the Japanese society, there is an unparalleled celebration that marches to the beat of the drum of any traveler. This drum can be Harajuku-styled, culturally timeless, or robot-themed. And it’s this celebration that makes Japan an intriguing travel destination. What’s more, citizens of most countries can travel to Japan and stay there for up to 90 days without visas, which explains why my friend from Glass Dawg of San Antonio likes to take extended vacations in countries where he loves the culture. Nevertheless, there are more reasons why you should travel to Japan.

Adorable Food

Everything in Japan is cute but food is simply stunning. Although you might be tempted to delve into almost everything in Japan, try out their food. Some foods that you are used to in your home will taste completely different in Japan. To confirm this, try out the Japan rice. You can eat rice panda with eyes before you get it on your hands. Try Japanese food and food will never taste the same for you.

Explore the Manicured

The garden-filled history of Japan is intrinsically linked to Buddhist, Shinto, and Taoist faiths. This is the key reason why people describe their experience as tranquil and serene after visiting a Japanese garden. You can start your exploration at the Adachi Museum of Art which has the “Living Japanese Painting”. From there, you can visit the Kawachi Fuji Gardens. These have wisteria-covered archways that will convince you that you have entered the fairy wonderland.

Unique Scenery

Japan has stunning natural and industrial scenery. You will find amazing attractions around Tokyo with amazing visual delights. However, the Shunan Industrial Complex provides the best views. You can take boat tours and capture amazing spots of the complex. The mechanical architecture at this industrial complex is simply amazing.

Generally, Japan is a perfect place where the new and the old blend seamlessly. The very bizarre and the traditional as well as the industrial and the natural blend here. Take a trip to Japan to enjoy traveling in a different way.

The Science of Travel and Adventure

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You might wonder whether travel and adventure involve any form of science. Basically, there is a science to anything that you may want to do. Human beings have characteristics that are generally universal. Although what excites you might not be what excites another person, everybody experiences excitement. That means every human can have an adventurous life.

Travel and Adventure are Remarkable and Exciting

Travel and adventure are experiences that are worth sharing. Many people spend time passing on knowledge orally. Anything that is not worth sharing or talking about is not relevant in a culture.  And because people talk about travel and adventure, it therefore has a cultural relevance.

Travel and Adventure Possess Perceived Risks and Adversity

There is something to overcome when you travel or go on an adventurous trip. Although human brains process an imminent danger and a perceived risk differently, there is an incredibly similar physical response. For instance, you respond differently when you notice a snake that wants to bite you and when you look over a mountain’s edge. Naturally, you are capable of participating in frightening activities as long as they are incredibly safe. That’s the difference between skydiving and climbing Mt. Everest. Almost everybody comes from skydiving safe.

Travel and Adventure Leads to Growth

Your undergo changes when you travel. Basically, the experience of the journey of every heroine or hero changes them. It is the journey that equips an individual with the skills and capacity. Essentially, the real gift of any adventurous trip is not the stories that you will live to tell. It is the person that the experience makes you.

Basically, you enjoy a great adventure when you go on a trip that fulfills this. For some individuals, visiting a completely new city provides this adventure. Others find traveling to exotic places and talking to strangers more adventurous. Whatever the case, make sure that you benefit from the science of travel and adventure.

The Top 5 Travel Destinations in 2018

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From the world’s best design capital to idyllic, remote islands, the world has some of the best destinations that you should visit this year. When you know the top travel destinations, planning your trip becomes easier. Generally, modern travelers have countless possibilities. However, these possibilities make selecting the best travel destination overwhelming. Nevertheless, there are places that top the lists for travelers and adventure seekers. Here are the top 5 travel destinations to consider in 2018:

Solta, Croatia

This is the Adriatic Sea Jewel. It is home to over 1,200 islands. However, traveling between these islands has been dictated by sluggish ferries and costly yacht charters. But, this is changing in 2018 following the introduction of UberBoat. Although it has been overlooked with travelers preferring splashier and more developed neighbors like Brac or Hvar, the under-the-radar nature of Solta makes it a popular travel destination. If you are looking for a perfect destination to travel to this year, consider Solta, Croatia.

Greenville, South Carolina

Travelers have always preferred the powerhouses of Southern culinary like Nashville and Charleston. However, Greenville is emerging as one of the top travel destinations with its new restaurants. In fact, this town is slowly becoming home to the Commons and heirloom-crop-focused Husk, Sean Brock. Basically, this town has amazing, quality restaurants that attract travelers from all walks of life.


This is also called the Spice Island. It remains one of the under-the-radar gems in the Caribbean. However, Grenada has beaches that are not crowded, a lively local cuisine and culture as well as preserved forests. It was spared from the brutal hurricane of the last fall season and it now remains one of the best attractions for luxury travelers in the Caribbean.   

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a politics, sports, and art hub. The fact that the G20, the Youth Olympic Games, and Art Basel Cities’ program are taking place in this city makes it a perfect place to travel to. Although this Argentinean capital has an eclectic galleries collection, Art Basel Cities will definitely elevate its reputation in the world’s art scene. This city will provide professional support to the local artists, workshops, and lectures throughout the year. Thus, it will soon become a perfect travel destination for art lovers.

Los Cabos, Mexico

This travel destination is located at the Beja Peninsula’s tip. The two colonial towns of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are now popular Mexican vacation destinations. They have pristine beaches, glam resorts, lively nightclubs, as well as an awesome farm-to-table food scene. These are some of the things that are attracting travelers in record numbers to Los Cabos, Mexico. Los Cabos has a booming hotel scene with new renovations and developments as well as a tourist corridor that includes the amazing beachfront Solaz resort and the Chileno Bay, an Auberge Resort.

If you are planning to travel the world this year, consider some of these top travel destinations 2018.  

School Group Travel – Health Tips and Advice

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When you travel in a school group, there are many things that you should do to ensure safety and health of everyone. Whether it’s an educational trip or a summer trip, follow these tips to ensure health and safety of everyone in the group.

Pack Smart

Before you travel, familiarize with the weather at your destination. Make sure that every student has the packing list that outlines the mandatory items to carry. Also let students know what they should not carry during the trip depending on the travel destination. For instance, if you are traveling to a hot climate destination, tell students to pack sunscreens. These will protect them from sunburns.

Update Everyone on the Trip

If there are changes in the trip, let every students in the group know it. For instance, if you will be traveling to a country where travelers are required to bring inoculations proof, let students know it. Also have the necessary documentation to ensure that sick students won’t be denied admission to hospitals for missing or incomplete information.

Come up with a Travel Buddy Program

Come up with a program that makes students accountable for each other. For instance, use a program that makes students eat together, work together, and engage in most activities together. For instance, when taking a roll call for the group, buddies should look for each other. This will make noticing a missing student easier.

Pack a First Aid Kit

When traveling in a group, knowing where items like the bandage are is very important. Such items should be carried in a first aid kit. Currently, kits of different sizes are available including sizes that are ideal for travelers. Make sure that students carry travel size kits during their group travel.

Know Where to Get Medical Assistance  

If a staff member or student falls ill during the trip, you should not struggle to get medical assistance. Therefore, conduct a quick online search to know the locations of medical facilities in your travel destination.

Insure the Group

Get travel insurance for the group before you travel. This ensures that in case a student needs medical attention, you won’t pay out of pocket or incur unexpected expenses during the trip.

Basically, you must prepare in advice to ensure health and safety of everyone when traveling in a school group. Make sure and check out one of my preferred sites for group travels by visiting

Countries that are really popular for their friendliness

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When you are traveling, you want to make sure that you are going to a country where you are welcomed and where the people are friendly. This is the only way that you can know that you are going to enjoy the country and where you might even make new friends. These are some of the countries that have really friendly people, especially if they know that you are a tourist.


Thailand is also known as the land of smiles. This is because they are always smiling and really friendly to the tourists that are visiting this great country.

Thailand is more than just a friendly country where people are smiling all the time. This is a country where you can expect great hospitality and you will be able to get assistance from anyone off the street. This is also the reason why Thailand is the one country that most tourists are visiting.  It is always great to feel welcomed, and this is exactly how you will feel on a tour through Thailand.


Scotland. They are friendly, and always ready for a party. And, they are partying big. Everyone is always invited and if you as a tourist is visiting the pub where the party is undergoing, you are automatically one of them. Making you feel if you belong there.

They are friendly and always making sure that their tourists are taken care off. They enjoy talking to tourists and is always happy to tell them where the best tourist destination is.


Ireland is a beautiful, clean country. However, this isn’t the only great thing about Ireland. This is also a country that is friendly and where people are laughing all the time. They are making sure that their tourists feel welcome and that there is always just happiness and friendliness towards their tourists.

Ireland is also the country with the beautiful scenery. Making this one of the top countries in the world to visit. You will not only feel safe there, but you will also feel welcome.

New Zealand

Only those that had visited New Zealand before will know how seriously they are entertaining their tourists. They know the importance of having tourists in the country, so they are making sure that they are in good hands. This is why New Zealand is known as one of the friendliest countries in the world. Because they are making sure that they are taking care of their tourists and always helping with a smile.

It is great to visit a country where the people are friendly and where you are feeling welcomed. However, this doesn’t mean that all the countries in the world are really friendly, especially towards tourists. This is why you should make sure that you know which countries are friendly and which countries you should rather stay away from. These mentioned countries are friendly and are taking care of their tourists.